Monday, 7 January 2013

AutoCAD Design In Nigeria

AutoCAD Designs
In Nigeria

Let Off The Big Drawing Boards.
Use AutoCAD For Your Designs.

I once worked in the design section of a metal furniture company. We had a big drawing office with big drawing boards and a lot of instruments to go with it.
You spend hours sitting and sometimes standing to draft with pencil on paper. Then use drawing pen on tracing paper to give a more permanent drawing, which had to be taken out to a printing office to get copies. You make mistake or you work gets rough somehow, you may have to start your design or drawing all over again. It can be frustrating and time and attention demanding.
Thanks to technology.
Today the AutoCAD is here. You can do your drafting with less sweat, especially with the laptop, which you can take with you to the garden, under the tree, sitting room, bedroom, dining, office, even while travelling.
As long as you save your work (design and drawings) it is there for you to see and improved upon all the time, that is AutoCAD for you.
Gone are the days when you have to draw each view separately. Now, on AutoCAD just draw in 3D and any view you want is displayed for you automatically. Be it building, mechanical parts, equipment design, furniture, you’ve already gotten it.
You don’t have to go far, you don’t need to set up a department for your drawings and designs if you do not have the work load or the where-with-all.
We’ll take the burden off you – work on line with you, you do not need to leave your office. Or off-line – whichever you choose.
Wherever you may be, we do not even need to see each other and your wish will be delivered at the touch of your computer. It is that simple.
Tools required- phone, e-mail address and a computer at your end, you may not need to have an AutoCAD software as we transfer your drawing to a document you can open.

 Contact: Olufemi Ogundele

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Sango, Ogun state, Nigeria.
234 8096061802, 8034730895

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  1. I'm working on my senior design project and my professor wants the report to have only vector graphics. I'm modeling my aircraft in SolidWorks. I can output it into a PDF with good results (vector graphics) but I'm having trouble getting those into Word. Is there a way to do this? Or another way to get the drawing from SolidWorks into Word without pixelating it?. Thanks!.


    1. Dear Friend.
      I have not been working on Solidworks. I use AutoCAD 2010 for my designs currently.
      If you want your drawing pasted on words, try and use screenshot. Place the view you want to paste on layout, enlarge it to the desired size, then press print screen on your keyboard. open your word page and paste, resize to eliminate unwanted areas, then enlarge as appropriate.
      Hope this is helpful?
      Get back to me anyway.
      Best of luck