Monday, 9 May 2016

Building your poultry battery cages on location.

Do you know, you can have your Poultry Battery Cages Fabricated and installed at your farm site?
Olu-Samdel Ventures Ltd can undertake this for you.
We come to site with the materials, and fabricate right there on site. This arrangement allows for modification and customization.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Candle Making Machine

We produce quality and very efficient Candle production equipment.
We produce to your specification.

11.5-13.5mm diameter (tapered), 17.5mm diameter, 20mm diameter.

Lengths are adjustable over 100mm to 200mm.

With water jacket for fast cooling and reduced production time.

Wicks are properly centered.

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Olu-Samdel Ventures Ltd.
(+234) 8034730895, 8096061802.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

A Type Poultry Battery Cages.

The A type as the name implies has the shape of capital A when viewed from the side.

Each tiers are offset from the ones above to allow the droppings from each tier to get to the floor without touching the tiers below.

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Olu-Samdel Ventures Ltd.

7, Ogundele close, Orile-Iloye, Sango, Ogun state, Nigeria. (+234) 8096061802, 8034730895.

Candle Making Machines

We fabricate Candle Making Machines to your specification.

Mention the size you desire - Tiny ones 11.5-13.5mm, 17-17.5mm, 20mm diameter. Lengths are variable over 50mm to 200mm.

Special or customized sizes are available.

120 candle stick moulded at a go. Or as you desire.

Equipped with water jacket to quicken production by cooling the candles faster. 

Also with wick centering device to keep the wick centered within the candle still.

You'll be glad you come to us.

Contact us today.
Olu-Samdel Ventures Ltd.

7, Ogundele close, Orile-Iloye, Sango, Ogun state, Nigeria. (+234) 8096061802, 8034730895.

H Type Poultry Battery Cages.

The H type poultry battery cages is an effective and space saving battery cages.

As the name implies, the H type has the shape of capital letter H when viewed from the side.

The H type poultry battery cages has the following advantages over the A type battery cages.

1, Space advantage: A space meant for a row of A type battery will accommodate twice that row of the H type. Which means a space for 2,000 birds with the A type will take in 4,000 birds if the H type cage is used.

2, Neatness of poultry house: Because droppings from each tiers are collected on a tarpaulin spread below each tiers, daily cleaning is encouraged. You just scape the droppings from the tarpaulin surface every morning.

3, Floor design is immaterial: Because the droppings do not get to the floor, it does not matter whether the floor is designed flat or sloppy, with gutter or not.

4, Floor Hygiene: Floors are better cleaned - swept as no droppings are there to create a cumbersome, messy cleaning process.

5, Poultry House Odour: Foul smell usually associated with poultry house are reduced.

6, Poultry houses can be managed within residential areas without unconvincing dwellers.

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Olu-Samdel Ventures Ltd.

7, Ogundele close, Orile-Iloye, Sango, Ogun state, Nigeria. (+234) 8096061802, 8034730895.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Olufemi Samuel Ogundele

Olufemi Samuel Ogundele
Olufemi Samuel Ogundele was born in Iyin-Ekiti, Ekiti state of Nigeria on the 8th of April 1961 into the family of Mr. Ebenezer Oladele Ogundele and Mrs. Julianah Ojufun Ogundele.
Olufemi Samuel Ogundele grew up in Oshodi, Lagos state Nigeria. 
Schools Attended:
*    Afolabi Institute Primary School, Oshodi, Lagos (1967 – 1972).
*    Local Authority Secondary Commercial Modern School, Ikeja, (PWD), Lagos state. (1973/74).
*    Ikeja Grammar School, Oshodi, Lagos state. (1974 – 1979). 
*    Lagos State Polytechnic, Ketu campus (HSC) (1979).
*    Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos (1980-1982 OND). 
     Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos (1983-1985 HND) 
      Federal University of Technology (MBA) (Not concluded – financial problem, victim of fraudstars just before the last semester’s examination) (2000-2001) 
    National Teachers Institute – PGD Education (2010) 
        Working Experience:
*    Industrial training at Boulus Enterprises, Honda Motorcycle assembly Plant (1982/83)
*    National Youth Service Corps at Kaduna, primary assignment at Peugeot Automobile Assembly Plant Kaduna. (1985/86)
*    Metal Furniture Nigeria Ltd, Ikeja, Lagos – HOD, Design & Prototype Dept. (1986-1990)
*    Micbam Nig. Ltd. – Project Engineer (July – Sept 1990)
*    Nigerian Bottling Company (Coca-Cola) – Plant Engineer (1990-2001)
*    Samdel Ventures – MD/CEO (2001-2007)
*    Olu-Samdel Ventures Ltd – MD/CEO (2007-date)
*    Dammic Model Schools – co-proprietor with wife. (2007-date)
Olufemi Samuel Ogundele while at Nigerian Bottling Company (bottling Coca-Cola products in Nigeria), worked as Plant Engineer and served at Aba, Sokoto, Apapa, Ikeja plant “B”, Mushin plant; had assignment in almost all the plants in the federation.
Olufemi Samuel Ogundele started an Equipment Design and Fabrication company – Samdel Ventures - after leaving NBC. The company became an in-house contractor for Dunlop Nigeria Plc. Designed and fabricated a lot of production process equipment. Mostly conveyors. Samdel ventures became a limited liability company by name Olu-Samdel Ventures Ltd in 2007. The company has fabricated lots of equipment: Yam pounding machine; Candle Making Machine; Poultry Battery Cages; Poultry Equipment; Concrete Pole Mould; The company will be introducing some of its equipment into the market soon: Yam Pounding Machine. Concrete pole moulding. Poultry Battery Cages. 
Olufemi Samuel Ogundele got married to Temilola Marian Ogundele (Nee Adedeji) and is blessed with four children.
*    Damilola Esther Ogundele – graduate of Bio-chemistry from University of Ilorin.
*    Michael Oladipupo Ogundele - Weapon Artificer Nigerian Navy.
*    Adenike Ifedolapo Ogundele
*    Damilare Ogundele
Olufemi Samuel Ogundele worshipped at All Saints’ Anglican Church Oshodi from 1966 till he left Oshodi for Sango in 1999. He was an Altar Server – serving in the altar during Holy Communion. At All Saints Church Oshodi, Olufemi Samuel Ogundele co-founded a Society the Christ Morning Star established in the year 1977, he was president 1988-1992. He now worships at Grace Deliverance Bible Ministries (inc) where he was robed a Deacon at the 10th convention in November 2007.
Olufemi Samuel Ogundele was Chairman (2002-2010) of Orile-Iloye Community Development Association - a community where he resides from 1999 till date. During the tenure the community which had no electricity acquired two transformers – one 500kva/33kv/415v and one 300kva/33kv/415v. The community constructed concrete pole mould and mould about 300 concrete poles used throughout the community territory with aluminum conductors running over 75% of the network. The community land space was ratified from state of acquisition. The community however embarked on a transportation project which failed woefully. As at today the community is divided into 6 CDAs which still work together.