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Olufemi Samuel Ogundele

Olufemi Samuel Ogundele
Olufemi Samuel Ogundele was born in Iyin-Ekiti, Ekiti state of Nigeria on the 8th of April 1961 into the family of Mr. Ebenezer Oladele Ogundele and Mrs. Julianah Ojuifun Ogundele.
Olufemi Samuel Ogundele grew up in Oshodi, Lagos state Nigeria. Attended:
*    Afolabi Institute Primary School, Oshodi, Lagos (1967 – 1972).
*    Local Authority Secondary Commercial Modern School, Ikeja, (PWD), Lagos state. (1973/74).
*    Ikeja Grammar School, Oshodi, Lagos state. (1974 – 1979). 
*    Lagos State Polytechnic, Ketu campus (HSC) (1979).
*    Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos (1980-1982 OND)
*    Industrial training at Boulus Enterprises, Honda Motorcycle assembly Plant (1982/83)
*    Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos (1983-1985 HND)
*    National Youth Service Corps at Kaduna, primary assignment at Peugeot Automobile Assembly Plant Kaduna. (1985/86)
*    Metal Furniture Nigeria Ltd, Ikeja, Lagos – HOD, Design & Prototype Dept. (1986-1990)
*    Micbam Nig. Ltd. – Project Engineer (July – Sept 1990)
*    Nigerian Bottling Company (Coca-Cola) – Plant Engineer (1990-2001)
*    Federal University of Technology (MBA) (Not concluded – financial problem, victim of fraudstars just before the last semester’s examination) (2000-2001)
*    Samdel Ventures – MD/CEO (2001-2007)
*    Olu-Samdel Ventures Ltd – MD/CEO (2007-date)
*    National Teachers Institute – PGD Education (2010)
*    Dammic Model Schools – co-proprietor with wife. (2007-date)
Olufemi Samuel Ogundele while at Nigerian Bottling Company (bottling Coca-Cola products in Nigeria), worked as Plant Engineer and served at Aba, Sokoto, Apapa, Ikeja plant “B”, Mushin plant; had assignment in almost all the plants in the federation.
Olufemi Samuel Ogundele started an Equipment Design and Fabrication company – Samdel Ventures - after leaving NBC. The company became an in-house contractor for Dunlop Nigeria Plc. Designed and fabricated a lot of production process equipment. Samdel ventures became a limited liability company by name Olu-Samdel Ventures Ltd in 2007. The company is introducing some of its equipment into the market: Yam Pounding Machine. Concrete pole moulding.
Olufemi Samuel Ogundele got married to Temilola Marian Ogundele (Nee Adedeji) and is blessed with four children.
*    Damilola Esther Ogundele – graduate of Bio-chemistry from University of Ilorin.
*    Michael Oladipupo Ogundele - Weapon Artificer Nigerian Navy.
*    Adenike Ifedolapo Ogundele
*    Damilare Ogundele
Olufemi Samuel Ogundele worshipped at All Saints’ Anglican Church Oshodi from 1966 till he left Oshodi for Sango in 1999. He was a Server – serving in the altar during Holy Communion. At All Saints Church Oshodi, Olufemi Samuel Ogundele co-founded a Society the Christ Morning Star established in the year 1977, he was president 1988-1992. He now worships at Grace Deliverance Bible Ministries (inc) where he was robe a Deacon at the 10th convention in November 2007.
Olufemi Samuel Ogundele was Chairman (2002-2010) of Orile-Iloye Community Development Association - a community where he resides from 1999 till date. During the tenure the community which had no electricity acquired two transformers – one 500kva/33kv/415v and one 300kva/33kv/415v. The community constructed concrete pole mould and mould about 300 concrete poles used throughout the community territory with aluminum conductors running over 75% of the network. The community land space was ratified from state of acquisition. The community however embarked on a transportation project which failed woefully. As at today the community is divided into 6 CDAs which still work together.


When wives were slaves.
Gone are those days when wives were slaves in their husband’s house. When they were used to work in the farm or to look after the husband’s business. Then more wives are acquired when the husband becomes richer and therefore has more land areas to tend to and/or more business points to manage. Remember more wives usually translate to more children and more ‘slaves’ to use in the farm.
The law then supported the men as land acquisition is only for men. Parents even give inheritances to their male children only, which is majorly land. Therefore property acquisition favoured only men.
Women on the other hand were always looking forward to joining a man in order to become somebody in life. So at early age, ladies were given out to men in marriage, some even to men old enough to be their grandfather. When the grandfather husband dies they are transferred to the next willing person in family, and where there is none they are allowed to go out and marry another husband, probably to one who already has six wives. Then women were transferable from one husband to another.
Women were not allowed to participate in the village politics, brain taxing activities and in most cases were not even allowed to talk where men were.
The practice was global to the extent that in Israel, women were not being counted during National Census, meaning they were not part of the nation’s strength. Then men will keep acquiring wives, and will continue to have children when enough male children were not produced. In some cultures even up till now, a wife is not established in the husband’s house if no male child is born.
Then gradually from 0% participation, things started changing until now when women are now clamouring for 35% participation or even 50%.
Education – education changes things.
Men should watch it now as table may turn and women take the control off them.

Olufemi S. Ogundele
Olu-Samdel Ventures Ltd.


Get the right tool for the job.
Good mold produces good concrete poles.

HT Concrete Pole = 32ft = 9.6m 

                        Base = 310mm x 270mm
                        Top  = 120mm x 120mm
LT Concrete Pole = 28ft = 8.4m
                        Base size  = 280mm x 250mm
                        Top size    = 120mm x 120mm

Base plates for concrete pole are made to suit the pole mould.
Necessary holes are put in place in the concrete pole mould.
The HT concrete pole moulds are made to be convertible, which means they can be used for either HT or LT concrete poles with little setting.
Mold for concrete poles of 10m length are made at 10% extra cost.
The customer can decide the type of bowl required short or long. While long ones save materials the short ones give more strength. Long ones are usually preferred by commercial clients.

LT Mold
HT Mold
LT Mold Base
HT Mold Base
Costs in Naira
Type A = 1.5mm plate / 3mm thick angle
Type B = 2mm plate / 5mm thick angle
Type C = 3mm plate / 6mm thick angle
Calculate cost based on No of Mold and No of base plate.
Advise: Always consider 2 base to one mold. (see “how to”)

Contact: Olufemi Ogundele

7, Ogundele close, Orile-Iloye
Sango, Ogun state, Nigeria.
234 8096061802, 8034730895

How to Use:
Concrete Pole Molds are fixed on base plates firmly as seen in the picture, after which concrete are poured. 
The concrete pole molds are loosened when the cast is set, which can be the following day or if the weather is right in the evening.
The concrete pole mold can then be used the next day on another base plate. Or same day, in the evening.
Therefore it is advisable for at least two base plates to be made per each pole mold set.
The molded pole is left on the base plate for 48hrs (2days) to be fully set before turned off.
Things you should know.

You need to determine the base size of your concrete pole as a pole maker, this depends on the sizes of concrete poles being produced or in use in your area. Some makers prefer the robust (310 x 270), while some prefer the slimmer (300 x 235). The slimmer it is the better for profit, but this could be judged as low quality when compared with other sizes in the market. The mold will be made to suit your need. Your concrete pole should be better than competitors’ while maintaining good profit.
A leveled ground is very important, especially when the concrete pole is off the base. If the ground is not level, the concrete pole will tend to take the shape of the floor while setting.
Adequate supply of water on the site is also very important. The concrete poles are watered frequently for about 21 days. Some even make a pool in which the poles are soaked for days after setting to give extra strength.
If order is much and time becomes an issue, then a heating chamber can be manufactured and trolley made for the base to give quick setting. With this more concrete poles can be made per day, concrete pole bases are more available and more quantities are sold off within shorter time.
Semi - automation or total automation is possible, after starting with manual, other necessary features shall be gradually put in place, if so desired.
we are designers and fabricators of equipment to suit your needs.

Tel: 234 8096061802, 8034730895
e-mail: autocad_design_ng@yahoo.com
Contact person: Olufemi Samuel Ogundele.
Our rates are affordable
It is good to make adequate preparation before commencing the project. Issues of space should be well planned for space is necessary for - pole moulding area, pole storage while setting, pole storage post-setting, pool of water, Bole hole and surface water tank..

Olu-Samdel Ventures Ltd
engineering design & services


Poultry Battery Cages can be fabricated as
  1.            Single tier battery cages single sided
  2.            Single tier  battery cages double sided
  3.            Two tier  battery cages single sided
  4.            Two tier  battery cages double sided
  5.            Three tiers  battery cages single sided
  6.            Three tiers  battery cages double sided
7.   Tiers more than three can be provided with either elevated platform or movable stand to allow attendant to reach to the higher tiers 

Battery cages can be slanted to allow for drops of manure directly to the floor

Battery cages can also be straight, vertical design whereby manures are dropped in trays, which are removed and cleaned; this allows more cages in the poultry than the slanted type. 

To reduce the burden of cleaning, conveyors can be installed in place of tray, which are easily cleaned at the ends.

For those who intend to sell or make use of the manures on farms, Drying means can also be provided in form of air supply directly on to the wastes, getting rid of odor and drying them at the same time, this could be applied on trays or conveyors.

Position of feeder and drinkers on the battery cages can be adjusted to suit growing chicks.

Poultry Battery Cages can be for LAYERS, BROILERS, COCKERELS and other types of birds.

Poultry Battery Cages are provided in the following sizes:
  1. 4 feet (1.2 m) length with 2 compartments
  2. 6 feet (1.8 m) length with 3 compartments
  3. 8 feet (2.4 m) length with 4 compartments
Each compartment is 400mm(H) x 400mm(D) x 600mm(L).
Custom sizes of battery cages can be built to suit space provided, but it is advisable that lengths more than eight feet be split into two or more unit to prevent sagging due to birds weight at the middle.

Eggs roll out easily from the battery cages for collection.
Drinkers and feeders for the battery cages are made of plastic with adjustable hangers.

Cost of battery cages are discussed when requirements are considered.
Pictures of battery cages can be sent to your mail box when contacted.

Contact us today:
Olu-Samdel Ventures Limited
7, Ogundele close, Orile-Iloye, Sango, Ogun-State.
Tel -  (234) 08096061802, 08034730895

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AutoCAD Design In Nigeria

AutoCAD Designs
In Nigeria

Let Off The Big Drawing Boards.
Use AutoCAD For Your Designs.

I once worked in the design section of a metal furniture company. We had a big drawing office with big drawing boards and a lot of instruments to go with it.
You spend hours sitting and sometimes standing to draft with pencil on paper. Then use drawing pen on tracing paper to give a more permanent drawing, which had to be taken out to a printing office to get copies. You make mistake or you work gets rough somehow, you may have to start your design or drawing all over again. It can be frustrating and time and attention demanding.
Thanks to technology.
Today the AutoCAD is here. You can do your drafting with less sweat, especially with the laptop, which you can take with you to the garden, under the tree, sitting room, bedroom, dining, office, even while travelling.
As long as you save your work (design and drawings) it is there for you to see and improved upon all the time, that is AutoCAD for you.
Gone are the days when you have to draw each view separately. Now, on AutoCAD just draw in 3D and any view you want is displayed for you automatically. Be it building, mechanical parts, equipment design, furniture, you’ve already gotten it.
You don’t have to go far, you don’t need to set up a department for your drawings and designs if you do not have the work load or the where-with-all.
We’ll take the burden off you – work on line with you, you do not need to leave your office. Or off-line – whichever you choose.
Wherever you may be, we do not even need to see each other and your wish will be delivered at the touch of your computer. It is that simple.
Tools required- phone, e-mail address and a computer at your end, you may not need to have an AutoCAD software as we transfer your drawing to a document you can open.

 Contact: Olufemi Ogundele

7, Ogundele close, Orile-Iloye
Sango, Ogun state, Nigeria.
234 8096061802, 8034730895

 Olu-Samdel Ventures Ltd
engineering design & services

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Pounded Yam Machine


Pounded yam is a favorite local delicacy which today has gone international. It is most common among the Yoruba in the South Western Nigeria. Its presence is also felt all over the country throughout the six geo-political zones in the country; South-West, South-South, South-East, North-Central, North-East and North-West. It is also available in West-Africa.

The Ekiti people in the South Western Nigeria are known for their ability to eat pounded yam many times a day and at any time of the day. In fact until recently, pounded yam used to be the normal meal in the tribe, with rice rearing its head during festivals like naming ceremonies, church harvests and on Christmas days.

The delicacy – Pounded yam has lost its fore place to rice. This is because rice is very easy to prepare – just boil water, pour your rice into it and wait for about 20 to 30 minutes; your meal is served compared to the rigor required in the preparation of pounded yam.

How is pounded yam prepared?
1.       Get a good yam, the type used for pounded yam.
2.       Cut into sizable pieces
3.       Peel the yam, removing the outer skin. Although in another way, the yam is washed to remove dirt on the outer skin, cooked and the peeling is done just before pounding.
4.       Cook the yam till a knife or fork even spoon can go through without effort.
5.       Put the yam in mortar and pound with pestle until the right texture is obtained.
6.       Serve with preferred soup.

With the present development where wives are busy in the office and time actually turning into a luxury, pounding yam to make pounded yam is now seen as an undesired labor, especially where the entire family are hungry after a long day.

To keep the delicacy from extinction, many efforts are being put in place:

Poundo-yam – processed yam, made into flour form (powder form). You are required to boil water and then mix the flour into thick paste to the desired texture. Then serve with desired soup. This would have been a good relief, but as good as it is, taste is problem. Additives are added to give the texture of pounded yam, and these additives affect the taste. There are other shortcomings making this alternative unacceptable.

Pounded yam machine has been introduced for the elites. Cooked yams are introduced into the machine and blended to the desired texture, adding water till acceptable and within a couple of minutes, pounded yam is served on the table, hot and fresh, same taste, look and texture. No additive, no preservative.

 Olu-Samdel make of Yam Pounding Machine

It is affordable: The model for household use is sold for between N45,000 and N50,000 ($300 - $350).

While the model for restaurants are sold for between N65,000 and N70,000 ($450 - $500).

Electricity: powered by 230V electric motor of 1hp for household and 2hp for restaurants. This can be easily powered by generator where power fails or not available.

It is also being hired out for use during parties for those who cannot afford to procure theirs.

So why not get yours, and continue enjoying your Pounded Yam without sweat.

Olufemi Ogundele.
Olu-Samdel Ventures Ltd,
olusamdel@yahoo.com, equipment@olusamdel.com
+234 8096061802, 8034730895

Wife or Husband: Who should die first?

Wife or husband: who should die first?

I was in a gathering, when this discussion – who should die first; the wife or the husband - was brought up, whao! What an argument with the men being bitter about most houses with landladies when the landlords who suffered and labored to build those houses are long gone. The men were sad that men stressed themselves up to death only to leave all they lived their lives working for behind for the woman to sit on and enjoy. Also they were making decision that whatever they make they will spend 70% outside and bring only 30% home. I cut into the discussion and was able to convince them with these points and they were able to change their mind that it is proper for the husband to die first leaving the wife behind. They also changes their mind concerning spending the bigger share outside home.

No sane person wants his acquired properties and wealth to ruin while alive. Man as long as he lives will live to defend what he cherishes with his life which means no man wants to lose what is valuable to him and will rather leave it behind or watch it die off.

How do you liken these – property, wealth, what you cherish and valuables - to a wife?

A husband becomes a husband when he thinks he is capable enough to acquire a wife, he prepares himself to the level of being capable enough to take care of a wife. Then he goes out looking for what fits his dreamt-of-wife. He first imagines, pictures and actually dream of whom he thinks should be his life companion. It is actually the man who goes all out or who is supposed to go all out for the woman, the reverse is not supposed to be the case, as the bible laid it out so it should be “that the man will leave his father and mother, look for and cling to the woman, who shall be his wife and the two of them shall become one. So the man acquires the woman as his second half to love and cherish, to take care of, that she may in return take care of some of the necessities for life. So the woman is brought out of his first family – the parents and her siblings, acquired and brought into the new family. Thus the woman becomes the husband’s first child, which he must take care of with everything he has and worked for. She becomes his first priority over others. Should she now die and leave the husband?

Just as no man will pray to have his child die before him, so as the wife is the first child in the man’s new family. The wife is supposed to be taken care of and she is expected to outlive the husband. The husband should die first.

Common sense and what happens today has it that the husband is usually older than the wife in which case the wife can be likened to a junior sister of the husband. By natural affinity, human will prefer that man leaves the world in the order that they come – that is first in first out (FIFO). Although this natural law is broken by 20%, all conditions being normal, that is no accident, when death comes natural – live to old age, become incapacitated and die. Therefore as the junior sister of the man, she is expected to outlive the husband. Should the wife now die first?

In the African setting, the husband is not expected to be able to take care of himself at old age, it is believed that the woman being saddled usually with the responsibility of taking care of the home will be able to take care of herself at old age if not incapacitated, as long as the children provides the money for outsourcing. But that man will always need somebody to take care of him, and since all children will eventually leave home to build their own homes, the man will find it difficult taking care of himself with cooking and other house chores. If the husband dies first the wife is not expected to remarry especially after 50 years of age. But even at 70, 80 or even 100, men still re-marry. To keep the home and family as it should be – one man, one wife. It is not advisable for the wife to die and live behind the man as polygamy is likely to crawl in.

Although men should take care of themselves and their wife, so that both of them can live to old age – 80 and above. A happy home will normally produce aged parents and their children will be happy. For a house that is not peaceful, cataclysms abound and such reduces the lifespan of the parents who dies mostly out of frustration, when the deaths are deeply analyzed.

As good as these arguments look, and as acceptable as they may be, we are only wishing and hoping. God controls who dies when, so control of this is not in our hands, especially this world where the feeble outlive the strong, and the sick outliving the healthy, who can predict the queue in the admission to heaven (or hell). So live your lives for each other don’t bother to imagine who is going to die first, and when death eventually comes accept God’s verdict. If you are the one left behind keep up the good work.

Olufemi S Ogundele

Olu-Samdel Ventures Ltd