Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Pounded Yam Machine


Pounded yam is a favorite local delicacy which today has gone international. It is most common among the Yoruba in the South Western Nigeria. Its presence is also felt all over the country throughout the six geo-political zones in the country; South-West, South-South, South-East, North-Central, North-East and North-West. It is also available in West-Africa.

The Ekiti people in the South Western Nigeria are known for their ability to eat pounded yam many times a day and at any time of the day. In fact until recently, pounded yam used to be the normal meal in the tribe, with rice rearing its head during festivals like naming ceremonies, church harvests and on Christmas days.

The delicacy – Pounded yam has lost its fore place to rice. This is because rice is very easy to prepare – just boil water, pour your rice into it and wait for about 20 to 30 minutes; your meal is served compared to the rigor required in the preparation of pounded yam.

How is pounded yam prepared?
1.       Get a good yam, the type used for pounded yam.
2.       Cut into sizable pieces
3.       Peel the yam, removing the outer skin. Although in another way, the yam is washed to remove dirt on the outer skin, cooked and the peeling is done just before pounding.
4.       Cook the yam till a knife or fork even spoon can go through without effort.
5.       Put the yam in mortar and pound with pestle until the right texture is obtained.
6.       Serve with preferred soup.

With the present development where wives are busy in the office and time actually turning into a luxury, pounding yam to make pounded yam is now seen as an undesired labor, especially where the entire family are hungry after a long day.

To keep the delicacy from extinction, many efforts are being put in place:

Poundo-yam – processed yam, made into flour form (powder form). You are required to boil water and then mix the flour into thick paste to the desired texture. Then serve with desired soup. This would have been a good relief, but as good as it is, taste is problem. Additives are added to give the texture of pounded yam, and these additives affect the taste. There are other shortcomings making this alternative unacceptable.

Pounded yam machine has been introduced for the elites. Cooked yams are introduced into the machine and blended to the desired texture, adding water till acceptable and within a couple of minutes, pounded yam is served on the table, hot and fresh, same taste, look and texture. No additive, no preservative.

 Olu-Samdel make of Yam Pounding Machine

It is affordable: The model for household use is sold for between N55,000 and N60,000 ($300 - $350).

While the model for restaurants are sold for between N75,000 and N80,000 ($450 - $500).

Electricity: powered by 230V electric motor of 1hp for household and 2hp for restaurants. This can be easily powered by generator where power fails or not available.

It is also being hired out for use during parties for those who cannot afford to procure theirs.

So why not get yours, and continue enjoying your Pounded Yam without sweat.

Olufemi Ogundele.
Olu-Samdel Ventures Ltd,
olusamdel@yahoo.com, equipment@olusamdel.com
+234 8096061802, 8034730895


  1. How many people's food can it pound at once....plss no exaggeration. Thank you

    1. Dear Mr Komolafe.
      Thank you for your comment. Sorry for the delay in response.
      The domestic model can produce for a family of six at a go, although this depends on their eating rate.
      The restaurant type can produce minimum of twenty wraps at a go.
      But, once your yam is boiled, you can pound as many times as necessary.
      In fact, somebody has made use of the domestic model to cater at a party with the machine working for hours.
      Please note the current price is N40,000 and N60,000 respectively.
      Make your orders now, we have in stock.
      Best regards
      Olufemi S Ogundele
      Olu-Samdel Ventures Ltd.

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